S P Convent Inter College held its graduation ceremony on 16th November,2016 for the pre-school students. This event is held annually in order to congratulate the students who have excelled in their school performance as they progress to lower primary level. The students are awarded with certificates indicating that they have successfully completed their pre-school education and are now ready to further ther education at the lower-primary level.


The school appreciates the importance of sports towards its students and hence hosts a Sports Day for its students every month. This enables the students to showcase their talents in sports and encouraging them to be proud of it. The students get to interact with one another in competitive sport activities thus nurturing the virtue of teamwork and self-confidence in them.

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At the end of every term school takes its top-notch students to a trip as a way of appreciating and congratulating them on their good performance on the term's work. This creates morale and fair competition among students hence encouraging them to keep working hard and smart. These trips also enable the students and teachers to bond at a more free environment away from all the hustle and bustle of school work.

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