WHY S P Convent Inter College?

The school is located in serene environment conducive for learning. It has highly qualified, competent and experienced staff with lots of knowledge and skills in achieving academic excellence. In addition the school also has the following facilities:

  • Play ground (field)
  • Well balanced diet for the pupils
  • Termly Educational trips
  • 8.4.4 system with integrated education meant to mould pupils socially, academically and religiously.
  • Professional teachers with high level academic qualification.
  • A fully equipped library that is easily accessed by the students.
  • An affordable school fees that offers quality education to the students.
  • An active participant of outdoor school activities such as: sports, school debates, music and drama festivals etc.

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    S P Convent Inter College
    SahajPuram, Chak Mundera Prayagraj
    Tel: 9415616021 / 7398252830