School Background

S P Convent Inter College was founded and legally registered in 2001 by Mr. Chandrika Prasad Maurya who is the school's director.The school is registered under formal education sector. The school was started with the aim of assisting orphans and vulnerable children to gain access to basic education. Its other aim was to create employment for the teaching staff as well as support staff. The classes range from baby class to standard 12th. The school has also prepared students sufficiently so as to sit for the IITs/NEET examinations. The fees are highly subsidized to cater for needy students who cannot afford the high cost of learning.

Initially starting with 280 pupils, the school population has steadily grown to 800+ learners by 2006.

School activities:

The school strives to offer a holistic education through the following activities

  1. Learning
  2. Games and Sports
  3. Guidance and counselling
  4. Scouting
  5. Debate
  6. Life Skills
  7. Spiritual awareness


  • The school has expanded over the years from 280 children in 2012 to 600+ in 2014.
  • The school football team were awarded 20,000 after emerging winners in a sports festival comprising of over 20 schools in November 2007.
  • The debate club has become very active and won at various debating meetings with other schools.
    S P Convent Inter College
    SahajPuram, Chak Mundera Prayagraj
    Tel: 9415616021 / 7398252830